Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

11th Jan - GW2 of this year. I used my January wildcard after 20th game-week. I made 5-6 transfers, bringing in Ozil, Hazard, Rodriguez, Huddlestone and Skrtel.

My team after using wildcard
You might have noticed that i selected 3 bench-warmers from which only Chester might start every game-week. But it gives me extra funds/money to spend on premium players. To get Hazard in i have to sacrifice one forward (i replaced Negredo with Rodriguez). There is no confirm news on Ageuro until now, but he might be available for 23rd game-week. Until then i will stick with Rooney and see how he does. I replaced Whittingham with Huddlestone, i hope he does well. Walcott injury news forced me to replace him with his team-mate.

In defense, i got rid of Debuchy after his horrendous display. But still I needed more money to get Hazard and Ozil in, so i transferred in Skrtel and 1 bench-warmer (McNaughton).

GW 20 - 1st game-week of this year haven't gone well for me. There was a tie for Cup with score 49-49. Actually my opponent took a hit and lost 4 points and i managed to tie the Cup game. According to rules if a cup game ends in tie, the winner will be decided based on number of goals your team players scored. My team scored 3 and his 2. So thanks to his hit i managed to qualify for the next round.

Top 4 teams managed to win there respective encounter. Everton drew with Stoke and found themselves in the 5th position (replaced by Liverpool who won 2-0 at Hull). Tottenham won a crucial battle against Manchester United at Old Trafford and overtook them to 6th position. I think we are in for a very dramatic end of the season.

Fantasy Advantage (GW 21) -

Hazard, Terry (Vs Hull City),
Coleman, Lukaku (Vs Norwich),
Walker, Lloris (Vs Crystal Palace),
Yaya Toure, Silva (Vs Newcastle),
Gerrard, Suarez (Vs Stoke City),
Mertesacker, Ozil (Vs Aston Villa).