Monday, 10 February 2014

Arsenal crushed at Anfield, Chelsea on top

Game-week 25 -

Arsenal suffered a dreadful defeat at Anfield on Saturday when Liverpool scored 5 goals, thanks to Skrtel and Sterling. This defeat puts Arsenal in the second spot behind Chelsea as they won comfortably against Newcastle at Stamford Bridge. Manchester City had a chance to finish at the top spot after this game-week but they could only draw their encounter against Norwich and found themselves 2 points behind league leaders Chelsea. It was a relief for Liverpool when they won against Arsenal as this win might come handy to secure a place in top 4 at the end of the season. Skrtel and Sterling both scored 2 goals each to secure a emphatic win against gunners at Anfield. On the other hand, Chelsea grabbed a fantastic opportunity to overtake Arsenal when they crushed Newcastle 3-0 at Stamford Bridge. Eden Hazard was Chelsea's Hero this game-week as he scored Hat-trick.

Manchester United once again had to settle for point against club which is trying to avoid relegation. They might have lost that match if Carrick and van Persie hadn't scored goals separating just 80 seconds. They lead 2-1 after those goals but Darren Bent scored a late goal to secure a massive point for Fulham at Old Trafford. This draw pushed Manchester United down with a 4 point difference to 6th positioned Everton. It might have bigger if Everton Won or drew against Tottenham this week, but they suffered a narrow defeat (1-0) at White Hart Lane as Adebayor scored only goal of the match.

Game-week 26 -

GW 26 is upon us very quickly, on Tuesday. There is nearly no time to think about Fantasy transfers this week. There is one more test for Arsenal and this time against Manchester United at Emirates stadium. Both teams are going through a very tough period of the season and desperately need to win this match. This match will be very interesting to watch. Chelsea will travel to West Brom this week and will hope to continue their fantastic performance to ensure top spot. Manchester City will entertain Sunderland at Etihad where as Everton will face Crystal Palace. Liverpool are right now safe in top 4 but they should stay alert as Tottenham and Everton are very capable of removing 3-5 points gap. Brendon Rodgers must be hoping for another win as they will take on Fulham away from home. Tottenham must be feeling confidant after a win over Everton. They will face Newcastle away from home.

Fantasy -

This GW was good for my fantasy team. When i wrote my last post i was not sure about armband choice. But before a hour to deadline i saw only one good choice and it was Hazard. And well it really paid off. He scored a hat-trick, earned 3 bonus points and a clean sheet too. Hazard single-handedly (more with his feet though!!) steered my team past 40 and other players contributed just 38 points.

Substitutes for Game-week 25

My team had Skrtel too, but i placed him in substitutes and brought Collins to starting 11. Skrtel scored 15 points this game-week. If i had Skrtel in starting 11, i could have got extra 8 points. But if and buts don't count in fantasy. Still, i am happy with my captain's performance. Suarez and Rooney might have disappointed many owners. Yaya and Ozil too couldn't get much points. My team saw nearly 100k rise in rank thanks to Captaincy decision.

Here's my team's link. 2 free transfers are available to me but i will wait until tomorrow for a decision. I am thinking about replacing Ozil with Gerrard or Lallana and will save 1 transfer.
There are now 2 members competing for armband in my team. Hazard as Chelsea will play against West Brom and Suarez as Liverpool will play against Fulham. I will decide captain in last hour. I hop Rooney and Yata do well in this game-week and earn me good points.

Fantasy Advantage -

Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard(vs Fulham),
Yaya, Silva, Hart (Vs Sunderland),
Hazard, Terry, Cech (vs West Brom),
Coleman, Mirallas, Howard (Vs C. Palace).

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chelsea level with Manchester City, Arsenal back on top

Game-week 24 -
                         Manchester City lost to Chelsea on Etihad Stadium on Moday without scoring a single goal. That was odd considering their recent form at home. But Arsenal managed to win over Crystal Palace and regained top spot with 2 point lead. There was a surprise for Stoke against Manchester United as they won 2-1 against former champions. Liverpool just managed to get a draw with West Brom away from home and still they are safe in 4th spot with 2 points difference. Everton came out victorious against Aston Villa and Spurs only managed to earn a single point with their visit to Hull City.

Game-week 25 - 
                         GW 25 will see league leaders Arsenal travel to Liverpool and Tottenham against Everton at White Hart Lane. With only 14 games to come, Arsenal will want to at-least get something out of these type of games. Manchester City will travel to Norwich this weekend whereas Chelsea will take on Newcastle at home. Manchester United will host Fulham on sunday. There is still chance for Manchester United to secure place in top 4 but they have to win most of these 14 matches and with Rooney, Robin van Persie and new signing Juan Mata United may surprise us. There is very tough competition for 4th spot this season as teams like Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, Manchester United are trying hard for that Champions League spot.

Fantasy - 
GW 25 Defense
I am going to play with this defense for GW 25.All 4 players have matches against strong teams. I just hope they play well. Rooney, Rodriguez and Suarez as forward line. I didn't spend my free transfer for this game-week. But whom to give arm band this gw? Suarez will play against Arsenal but still he's a world class player and may do some serious damage, Rooney against Fulham but he doesn't look very promising for arm band. I am thinking about Hazard (Vs Newcastle) or Yaya Toure (Vs Norwich). But at this time i am not sure about captain. From last 3 game-weeks i dropped nearly 150k in ranking and that's not the good news. I hope team does well this game-week.

Fantasy Advantage -

Terry, Hazard, Cech (Vs Newcastle),
Silva, Toure, Dzeko (Vs Norwich),
Mata, van Persie, Rooney (Vs Fulham),
Suarez, Gerrard (Vs Arsenal).

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Manchester City Leapfrogged Arsenal

Game-week 23 -
                         Arsenal narrowly escaped defeat against Southampton on Tuesday and invited Manchester City and Chelsea to overtake. But Chelsea couldn't managed to win against West Ham  and Manchester City crushed Tottenham to secure top spot with 1-point gap. Thanks to Carzola and Giroud, Arsenal managed to earn a point away at Southampton but that wasn't enough to keep them at top as Pellegrini's side won a very tough encounter easily though it was away from home. On the other hand, Liverpool also won their match against Everton to stay in top 4. Tottenham's defeat against City means Brendon Rodgers will take a sigh of relief after as Liverpool went 3 points clear at 4th position. Manchester United are still holding their 7th spot after a convincing win against Cardiff at Old Trafford. Juan Mata, their new signing, made his debut in that match making instant impact by providing a assist to Robin van Persie's goal who also made a comeback. At the bottom, Sunderland managed to come out of relegation zone with a narrow 1-0 win over Stoke City.

Game-week 24 - 
                         League leaders Manchester City will face Chelsea at Etihad stadium on 3 February. This encounter might play a crucial role at the end of the season. Arsenal will be against Crystal Palace, Manchester United will travel to Stoke. Liverpool will be against West Brom away from home whereas Everton will face Aston Villa at home.

Fantasy -  Suarez is once again provides a easy solution for armband. I will stick with the 3-4-3 formation with Hazard, Ozil and Yaya Toure in the mid-field along with Huddlestone. Rooney and Rodriguez will form forward line with Suarez. Krul will keep the goal post whereas Mertesacker, Skertel and Coleman will start for my team at defense. Coleman is likely to miss the match due to injury so i drafted Collins as substitution. I hope this team does well.

Fantasy Advantage -

Suarez, Sturridge, Mignolet (Vs West Brom),
Rooney, Mata, Robin van Persie (Vs Stoke City),
Howard, Baines, Mirallas (Vs Aston Villa).

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Manchester City, Chelsea still in pursuit

Game-week 22 -

                 Arsenal are still on the top of the league table after Carzola's brace helped them to beat Fulham 2-0 at Emirates stadium. Manchester city too won easily at Etihad where we saw 6 goals and 4 of them were city goals. But most anticipated encounter of this game-week was Chelsea vs Manchester United and Chelsea's Eto'o was in top notch form to score a hat-trick against former champions. There is very tough competition this season for top four as well as for avoiding relegation. First three team are separated by just a point whereas at the bottom all three teams have same points even after 22 game-weeks. But my favorite United looks in a very bad shape this season after the departure of Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. Rooney is the only player who continued his heroic form this season. Hope he gets more goals in the upcoming fixtures.

       Liverpool are slowly getting carried away after the fantastic start to the season. Thanks to Gerrard's penalty they were able to draw against Aston Villa this game-week. Everton had a chance to enter in the top 4 but they couldn't win their encounter against West Brom away from home. Tottenham easily won their match against Swansea to hold their 5th position.

Game-week 23 -

                Arsenal will want to continue their fantastic run when they will meet Southampton on 28th Jan away from home. Chelsea will host West Ham and Manchester City will face Tottenham at White Hart Lane. Manchester City must win to keep their position as Chelsea are hot on their tail. There is one more exciting match this week, Liverpool against Everton. Both teams are desperately trying to get into top 4 and this is the best chance for them. Manchester United are facing Cardiff at home. I hope Rooney makes a comeback and scores.

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Fantasy -

             This game-week was horrible for my FPL team. Injured Rooney, Huddlestone red card and once again Jaaskelainen failed to make into starting eleven. Thanks to Yaya, Suarez and Rodriguez i earned respectable points. Big names like Hazard, Ozil, Coleman failed to make impression this game-week and i dropped 100k postions in overall rankings. Now i have 2 free transfers but i couldn't decide what to do with them until now. Hope i will make a good purchase. I wanted to replace Rooney but he will be available against Cardiff so i wont replace him. Aguero is a good choice but i don't have enough funds to get him in. I might transfer in Howard for Jaaskelainen and save 1 transfer for next game-week.

Fantasy Advantage -

 Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Hart (Vs Southampton),
 Hazard, Eto'o, Cech, Terry (Vs West Ham),
 Rooney, Evra, De Gea (Vs Cardiff),
 Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge (Vs Everton),
 Yaya, Aguero, Negredo (Vs Tottenham).

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Liverpool back in top 4

GW 21 - Arsenal still holding top spot after 21st game in the premier league, followed closely by Manchester City and Chelsea. Liverpool came back strong after 2 back to back defeats against top teams to win 2 in a row, thanks to Suarez's brace. Manchester United recovered from their loss against Tottenham to win 2-0 at Old Trafford. Everton stretched their unbeaten run to 3 games by winning 2-0 against Norwich. Spurs also continued their good form with a win over Crystal Palace.

Fantasy Premier League - Defense once again gave me a headache as i was kicked out of Fantasy cup this Game-week with 9 point difference.

My Defense - GW21
 I opted once again 4-3-3 for this game-week but due to Rooney's injury bench-player Chester came as substitute. I collected only 11 points from my defense as Jaaskelainen didnt start this game-week. All in all i had a horrible game-week just after playing my wildcard. But thanks to Suarez who once again proved fruitful to many FPL team and collected whopping 13 points with 2 goals and full bonus points. My decision of purchasing Hazard was good as he scored against Hull city and Chelsea won 2-0. Yaya Toure was subtituted after 60 minutes and Ozil also couldn't do well giving me just 5 points (combine). In defense, only Coleman claimed a clean sheet as newly added skrtel got just a point. I hope this team will do good in the next game-week. (May be i'll save free transfer this time.)

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GW22 -   Big match in the game-week 22 is Chelsea Vs Manchester United. Chelsea is just a point behind league leaders Arsenal and this might be a decisive encounter for them. Arsenal are hosting Fulham on Emirates, Manchester City will face Cardiff at home and Everton will travel to West Brom this weekend. Liverpool will face Aston Villa and Spurs will travel to Swansea this weekend. In the relegation battle, there is a very tough fight between Cardiff, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Fulham.

Fantasy Advantage -

Ozil, Mertesacker, Giroud (Vs Fulham),
Yaya Toure, Negredo, Silva(Vs Cardiff),
Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge (Vs Aston Villa),
Coleman, Baines, Howard (Vs West  Brom).